KLog-1.0.1 UTC date bugfix

A few days ago I received a bug report from WB0OEW telling me that the date was not being properly updated when UTC was selected.

It was not easy to detect that bug from Europe as we are so close to UTC that you have to be using KLog between 0:00 and 02:00 to notice that… but when you are in the US, it is easier to detect that the UTC date has changed but it has still not been updated in KLog 🙂

It was an easy fix so I decided to release early and give the western ham colleagues the fix soon.

This release is just including that bugfix. Not critical but interesting to have it done.

April 2020 - 1.0.1
- BugFix: UTC time was not properly managed, specially in the date.

That’s all, I really hope that you enjoy KLog!

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