KLog 1.2.1 – Yet another bugfix

As previous times, after a release, with new features, there is a bugfix release.

Today I am releasing 1.2.1 that arrives after some days of development during holiday time 🙂

This kind of releases never come with new features but with bugfixes and improvements. I really recommend to update to this release.

This is the Changelog:

Aug 2020 - 1.2.1
- Bugfix: ADIF export was not exporting dates with the right format in some eQSL fields.
- Bugfix: QSOs were not properly imported when received from WSJT-X.
- Bugfix: Pool/Poll typo fixed. (TNX Barry!).
- Bugfix: QSO editing - Locator was being cleared from sat tab.
- Bugfix: QSO editing - User Inferface was not properly clearedn after editing.
- Bugfix: QSOs tag in the Award tab was not properly formatted in Windows OS.
- Improvement: ADIF creation has been optimized.
- Improvement: All fields received from WSJTX are now added to the log.
- Improvement: GRIDSQUARE & MY_GRIDSQUARE ADIF fields are now also exported to LoTW upload.

Download the new release and I hope you enjoy KLog!

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