KLog 1.6 – New ADIF fields

KLog is bringing this release what it seems small but is big 🙂

It brings the possibility to add ALL the ADIF fields in the near future to the main user interface, something that was not possible up to now.

For this release we have included just the SOTA_REF, MY_SOTA_REF, MY_RIG, MY_ANTENNA and AGE but most of the still not in the main interface ADIF fields wil be added soon.

However the Changelog brings more things:

June - 1.6
- Optimization: Isolated the QSO tab to an independent widget.
- Bugfix: When starting KLog for the first time, it crashed.
- Bugfix: Hamlib was not properly started on KLog start (closes #126) (TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: SAT_MODE was being added to non SAT QSOs.
- Bugfix: DXCC status was not being properly updated.
- Improvement: Added user selectable ADIF fields in the Other and My Data tabs. (Closes #4)
- Improvement: Enhanced how the UDP server is started on KLog start.
- Improvement: Added some basic SQL Injection protection to the UI. (Closes #95)
- Improvement: UI data is saved before entering the Setup and restored after setup is done. (Closes #188)
- Improvement: Only one instance of KLog is allowed to run simultaneously. (Closes #250) (TNX foldynl)
- Commented some Flawfinder false positives.
- Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Czech (TNX OK1MLG), Italian (TNX IU5HIU) & Spanish (EA4K).

You can download KLog from:


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I hope you enjoy KLog!

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