KLog 1.7 – The dark mode

This release of KLog brings the many times requested feature Dark Mode (by EA5WA).

Juan Carlos (EA5WA) worked a lot to allow us to use the Dark Mode also in KLog.

You can check the wiki for the instructions to switch KLog to the dark mode.

KLog has also some bugfixes and improvements, like the Grids and DXCC per band new statistics that will be useful for grid and DXCC hunters.

Check the Changelog for the details

July 2021 - 1.7
- Bugfix: RealTime remained checked when editing.
- Bugfix: Some Hamlib parameters were not properly stored.
- Bugfix: Coredump when no entity (Closes #302)
- Bugfix: Colors are now properly defined. (Closes #275) (Closes #40)
- Bugfix: Station callsign is read from the settings. (Closes #307)
- Bugfix: The right setup dialog tab is open on first start. (Closes #311)
- Improvement: DarkMode added. (TNX EA5WA) (Closes #56)
- Improvement: DXCC & WAZ management optimization.
- Improvement: Current UI data is saved before going to edit a QSO and restore after editing.
- Improvement: Order of widgets when tab is pressed has been improved. (Working on #265)
- Statistics: Added the Grids & DXCC per band statistic. (Closes #312), (Closes #313), (Closes #314)
- UI: The Setup menu has been moved to Settings into the File menu.
- Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Italian (TNX IU5HIU) & Spanish (EA4K).

You can download KLog from:


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I hope you enjoy KLog!

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