KLog 1.8.3 – Backport to enhance backward compatibility

After receiving some comments and questions about how to compile KLog against Qt versions previous than 5.15.2 I decided to release a version that can be compiled with previous versions of Qt.

It also fixes some bugs and includes the release 1.8.2 that was only available for the Telegram groups users p

Anyway, the bug is fixed and here you have a new release 🙂

Check the Changelog for the details

Aug 2021 – 1.8.3
– Added some backport code so systems without Qt 5.15.2 can compile and use KLog.
– Bugfix: Selecting File->Export to ADIF was not showing all the possible QSOs to be exported.

Aug 2021 – 1.8.2- Bugfix: Updated the openSSL libraries for Windows users that was causing TLS errors on some connections. (Closes #342)
– Bugfix: Spanish typo (TNX (EA5WA) (Closes #341)
– Bugfix: Statistics were showing wrong numbers on DXCC/Grid per band (Closes #344)

You can download KLog from:


I hope you enjoy KLog!

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