There are many ways to contribute to KLog.

  • Devel/Programming: KLog is free and open source, developed in C++ with Qt. You can find the GitHub pahe of KLog  with the KLog sources here:
  • Testing and reporting bugs: Just play around with KLog, test and report all the bugs, problems and suggestions you can. It will be useful to improve KLog. Report your bugs and suggestions via the GitHub issues or see the Contact page.
  • Translating: If you are able to read English and your mother tongue is any other language, you can help us translating KLog into your language! Visit the KLog translations page.
  • Writing documentation: If you want to explain how use KLog you can help writing and improving the KLog manual. You can find the KLog Wiki.
  • Managing the Website: If you know how to work with WordPress and want to help KLog users, please contact me!