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KLog is a multiplatform free hamradio logger, the only one able to run in Linux, Windows and macOS!

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KLog is providing QSO management, useful QSL management DX-Cluster client, DXCC management, ClubLog integration, WSJT-X, DX-Marathon support and much more!

KLog is today already in several languages: Catalan, Croatian, Danish, English, Finish, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

You can also see some Screenshots of KLog to see what it looks like.

You can write your own review on the KLog eHam review page

If you want to help us, please visit the Contribute page and find your way to improve KLog!

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KLog 1.2.1 – Yet another bugfix

As previous times, after a release, with new features, there is a bugfix release.

Today I am releasing 1.2.1 that arrives after some days of development during holiday time 🙂

This kind of releases never come with new features but with bugfixes and improvements. I really recommend to update to this release.

This is the Changelog:

Aug 2020 - 1.2.1
- Bugfix: ADIF export was not exporting dates with the right format in some eQSL fields.
- Bugfix: QSOs were not properly imported when received from WSJT-X.
- Bugfix: Pool/Poll typo fixed. (TNX Barry!).
- Bugfix: QSO editing - Locator was being cleared from sat tab.
- Bugfix: QSO editing - User Inferface was not properly clearedn after editing.
- Bugfix: QSOs tag in the Award tab was not properly formatted in Windows OS.
- Improvement: ADIF creation has been optimized.
- Improvement: All fields received from WSJTX are now added to the log.
- Improvement: GRIDSQUARE & MY_GRIDSQUARE ADIF fields are now also exported to LoTW upload.

Download the new release and I hope you enjoy KLog!

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KLog 1.2 – Backup and sort by date and time

The Changelog is short in this release but is comes with somework in the backend… changes in the DB to improve how KLog is working.

Aug 2020 – 1.2

  • New feature: KLog proposes to do a database backup before it is upgraded so data can be recovered if there is any problem.
  • Improvement: When receiving the status from WSJT-X the RX frequency is also updated with the same TX freq.
  • Improvement: Dates and Times are now together and it is possible to sort the log based on date & time. Date format has been overall updated.
  • Improvement: Search is now more confortable as the search does not start inmediately after a key is pressed but some time after so it’s possible to enter more letters and reduce the search time.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the DB update processes.
  • Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Italian (TNX IU5HIU), Spanish (EA4K).

Enjoy KLog and join the Telegram groups and mailing list to discuss about KLog!

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How popular is KLog?

Maintaining a free software application where you simply code and upload your packages to the repositories makes very difficult to know if is there somebody out there using what you are producing.

I started KLog not for the users but for personal use and I keep that spirit, however the users of KLog are important as some of them are actively supporting KLog by reviewing, reporting bugs, providing suggestions, patchs, translations and I have even received some donations that I have used to pay for the hosting 🙂

On the other hand, I guess that the users that are actively saying “hello I am here” are just a small percentage.

Some days ago I realiced that maybe I could get some data from the Debian Popularity Contest and here is the data:

KLog is clearly not one of the most popular Debian packages. It is in the #36167 position out of 87160.

The interesting data comes when we compare with other hamradio logs as the results allow me to be more optimistic.

In the following graphic you can see a comparison of the different logs that Debian is providing by the number of installations. I am comparing just the last 5 years.

If we check for the most recent use of the log, KLog gets the first position mand it’s been the most used for a couple of years or so… or at least that is what we can see as KLog is the purple line.

With a two years span, we can see that people is installing cqrlog and maybe is people coming from xlog, that is clearly wining the contest but with a descendent tendence.

Again focusing on if the users installing the package are really using it, KLog is usually the winner.

It would be really interesting to have similar data coming from other sources, to see if one of the main differences of KLog (being native multiplatform) is noticed or not. How many macOS users does KLog have? How many Windows users does KLog have?

Anyway, these data are just for information and I hope it is funny for you to see what the popcon package is providing as it was for me to write this post.

Thank you for using KLog!

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KLog 1.1 – Importing and exporting even easier

This new release of KLog brings somw new functionalities to export & import ADIF files and to upload and download to/from LoTW.

It also includes an easy way to stop the time that has been requested several times and several bugfixes and improvements.

You can find the detail in the Changelog:

May 2020 – 1.1

  • Improvement: Search widget has been improved.
  • Improvement: Callsigns are always checked to be a good callsign before they are saved to the log, imported and exported to ADIF.
  • Improvement: Removed some death code.
  • Improvement: If TX Freq & RX Freq are the same, only TX Freq is exported.
  • Improvement: New functions to check calls when importing ADIF logs.
  • Improvement: Improved how CTY.CSV (country files) is working.
  • UI: Widget to show the QSOs to be exported to ADIF & LoTW.
  • UI: Widget to show the QSOs updated from ADIF & LoTW.
  • UI: Clear the UI also clears the status of a DXCC in the Band status widget.
  • UI: Added a checkbox to easily enable/disable the real time in the QSO entry box.
  • UI: Passwords are now hidden in the UI when entered.
  • BugFix: Only QSOs are now updated when data is uploaded from LoTW.
  • BugFix: DXCC & WAZ information was updated twice when removing a QSO.
  • BugFix: DXCC & WAZ count.
  • BugFix: Fixed one SQL query on satellite.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the print function. (JL3OXR).
  • Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Spanish (EA4K).

Enjoy KLog and join the Telegram groups and mailing list to discuss about KLog!

Jaime, EA4K

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New sats.dat file with the RS-44 Sat

EA5WA has sent me an updated of the Satellite data (sats.dat) file including the RS-44 satellite.

The RS-44 was launched at the end of 2020 and now we will be able to log our activity with that bird.

Thank you EA5WA!

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KLog-1.0.1 UTC date bugfix

A few days ago I received a bug report from WB0OEW telling me that the date was not being properly updated when UTC was selected.

It was not easy to detect that bug from Europe as we are so close to UTC that you have to be using KLog between 0:00 and 02:00 to notice that… but when you are in the US, it is easier to detect that the UTC date has changed but it has still not been updated in KLog 🙂

It was an easy fix so I decided to release early and give the western ham colleagues the fix soon.

This release is just including that bugfix. Not critical but interesting to have it done.

April 2020 - 1.0.1
- BugFix: UTC time was not properly managed, specially in the date.

That’s all, I really hope that you enjoy KLog!

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KLog 1.0 – “First release” arrives after 17 years :-)

It is strange for me to publish KLog 1.0 but I ran out of numbers to keep KLog below version 1.0… and I decided not to keep playing games with versionig so today I am releasing KLog 1.0.

First KLog release was on 22-Jan-2003, the 0.1-pre-alpha, with this very simple Changelog:

22-Jan-2003 - 0.1-pre-alpha
- First "release" of the software.
- You can add/edit QSOs and save/read your log to/from the disk with a fixed name in ADIF format.
- Can manage QSL sent/rec.

KLog has evolved a lot since that very first version… very slowly, but continuously.

But it is not that KLog has evolved a lot since the previous version or has reached a different maturity level… it is simply that I could not continue releasing versions below 1.0, just that simple! O:-)

However in this release there is, at least one interesting thing. It is that you can now upload to LoTW your QSO without having to export the ADIF file and import it again to TQSL.

KLog will send the QSOs to TQSL and will call TQSL for you so the LoTW upload has drastically been improved!

So, just to let you know what’s new in KLog, find below the Changelog

March 2020 – 1.0

  • New feature: Integrate TQSL to upload QSOs to LoTW directly from KLog.
  • UI: Removed the first column inthe DXCC widget to make it more user friendly.
  • UI: Created a widget to manage the Main QSO entry to make KLog more modular.
  • UI: eQSL & LoTW are marked as queued to be sent by default if the user activates it in the setup.
  • UI: Added the title to some QMessage boxes that were missing.
  • UI: Improved the usability of creating new logs or editing existing logs in the setup.
  • New feature: Integrate TQSL to upload QSOs to LoTW directly from KLog.
  • New feature: You can check a call in QRZ.com by right-clicking in the call from the log.
  • New feature: You can check a call in DXHeat.com by right-clicking in the call from the log.
  • New feature: It is now possible to save in a file all the DX-Cluster activity.
  • Improvement: Added https to the cty.dat download.
  • Improvement: Added the https to download.klog.xyz
  • Improvement: Propagation modes are now sorted in the Propagation mode combobox.
  • Improvement: Four new tips added.
  • Improvement: eQSL & LoTW dates are updated always that are modified to any status.
  • Improvement: If a QSO does not have a freq, a default freq based on the band is assigned if edited.
  • Improvement: Removed some deprecated functions.
  • Improvement: Improved the way KLog checks for a wrong call (IARU rules applied).
  • Improvement: Improved the way KLog checks for a wrong IOTA reference.
  • Removed the functionality to sort the log based on Date & Time columns.
  • Removed one console message about a duplicated database connection.
  • Bugfix: It was not possible to include new dxcluster servers in the setup.
  • Bugfix: The default value of RST in some digital modes using SNR were not properly shown.
  • Bugfix: In translated instances of KLog, Propagation mode was sometimes not properly saved when no propagation mode eas selected.
  • BugFix: Locator in SAT widget was not always not correctly evaluated as correct.
  • Updated translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Croatian (TNX M0NKC), Finnish (TNX Kristjan), Spanish (EA4K).
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KLog – quick bugfix update

I have just released KLog to fix a bug that caused bands and modes to be duplicated in the band and mode selector.

Enjoy KLog!

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KLog-0.9.9 – Tips and other not visible upgrades!

KLog-0.9.9 comes with the tips that will helo the users by provding tips (in the helo menu) and many other not visible upgrades, bugfixed and minor recomendations and requests from the users tha make KLog more usable!

January – 0.9.9

  • UI: Created a widget to manage the Awards to make KLog more modular.
  • UI: When starting a new version for the first time, the splashscreen is not hidding other messages anymore.
  • UI: Removed some not used File menus (New, Open, Save & Save As).
  • UI: Sorting by date the log is also sorting taking into account the time.
  • New versions are now found depending on the OS, not just for the sources.
  • New feature: Added some tips in the Help menu to help the users to get the most of KLog.
  • Hamlib has now a read-only mode that will read freq & mode from the radio but will never modify/update anything in the radio.
  • Added some debug log option.
  • Some code cleaning with cppcheck and compilation warnings removed.
  • UI: Added a WSJT-X like color schema.
  • Bugfix: KLog was crashing if the call was completely removed in the Setup.
  • BugFix: KLog was always logging 59 instead of the real RST. (TNX DB4BIN)
  • BugFix: KLog was changing the mode in the radio from CW-R to CW if hamlib was active. (TNX G4MKT)
  • BugFix: KLog was changing freq in the radio in the starting process if hamlib was active. (TNX G4MKT)
  • Improvement: KLog reads the radio freq/mode when starting. (TNX G4MKT)
  • BugFix: ADIF export function was not exporting the DARC_DOK properly.
  • Bugfix: Closes Debian bug: #948911: FTBFS on mipsel. (TNX Lisandro)
  • BugFix: Editing the log metadata in the setup was not possible.
  • KLog exit process improved.
  • KLog start process improved.
  • DataProxy_SQLite class removed to optimize the code.
  • Other minor improvements.
  • Updated translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), French (F4HWL), Spanish (EA4K).

As I always say, please enjoy KLog and don’t forget to join the KLog telegram group and the KLog mailing list!

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KLog – Bugfix, minor changes and QO-100

As sometimes happen, after one update, there is another one to fix some bugs.

This time I am also releasing some other minor changes that I hope will improve the user experience.

Check the Changelog for the details.

August – 2

  • Added the Es’hail / QO-100 satellite.
  • UI: Satellite list, propagation modes and others are now shown sorted. (TNX Isabel)
  • UI: Added default values to the infoWidget (Continent, Prefix, CQ, ITU…). (TNX Isabel)
  • UI: RX/TX Freq in Satellite tab are also in red/black depending on the frequency being out/in of ham bands.
  • UI: Mode selected is now changing the RST format and default values for some modes.
  • Bugfix: Editing a QSO to remove a comment was not properly working. (TNX Isabel)
  • Bugfix: Worked & Confirmed QSO numbers are now aligned in the Awards tab. (TNX Isabel)
  • Bugfix: KLog.pro is now fixed to compile in Linux. (TNX KB2YSI)
  • Bugfix: Improved how the DXMarathon was managed when disabled.
  • Bugfix: Improved how DXCC Award was updated after one QSO was added. (TNX Isabel)
  • Fixed a bug in the SQL update database.

You can download KLog from:

Thank you to the contributors of this version!

Please join the mailinglist to discuss about KLog and review KLog in eHam (https://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/3118) if you like it! 🙂

Don’t forget to join the KLog Telegram group to discuss on KLog!

También puedes unirte al grupo de Telegram de KLog en español.

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