Welcome to the KLog website!

KLog is a multiplatform free hamradio logger, the only one able to run in Linux, Windows and macOS!

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KLog is providing QSO management, useful QSL management DX-Cluster client, DXCC management, ClubLog integration, WSJT-X, DX-Marathon support and much more!

KLog is today already in several languages: Catalan, Croatian, Danish, English, Finish, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

You can also see some Screenshots of KLog to see what it looks like.

You can write your own review on the KLog eHam review page

If you want to help us, please visit the Contribute page and find your way to improve KLog!

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KLog 1.7 – The dark mode

This release of KLog brings the many requested feature Dark Mode (by EA5WA).

Juan Carlos (EA5WA) worked a lot to allow us to use the Dark Mode also in KLog.

You can check the wiki for the instructions to switch KLog to the dark mode.

KLog has also some bugfixes and improvements, like the Grids and DXCC per band new stattistics that will be useful for grid and DXCC hunters.

Check the Changelog for the details

July 2021 - 1.7
- Bugfix: RealTime remained checked when editing.
- Bugfix: Some Hamlib parameters were not properly stored.
- Bugfix: Coredump when no entity (Closes #302)
- Bugfix: Colors are now properly defined. (Closes #275) (Closes #40)
- Bugfix: Station callsign is read from the settings. (Closes #307)
- Bugfix: The right setup dialog tab is open on first start. (Closes #311)
- Improvement: DarkMode added. (TNX EA5WA) (Closes #56)
- Improvement: DXCC & WAZ management optimization.
- Improvement: Current UI data is saved before going to edit a QSO and restore after editing.
- Improvement: Order of widgets when tab is pressed has been improved. (Working on #265)
- Statistics: Added the Grids & DXCC per band statistic. (Closes #312), (Closes #313), (Closes #314)
- UI: The Setup menu has been moved to Settings into the File menu.
- Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Italian (TNX IU5HIU) & Spanish (EA4K).

You can download KLog from:


Don’t forget to join the Telegram groups or the Mailing list to receive the latest information!

I hope you enjoy KLog!

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KLog 1.6 – New ADIF fields

KLog is bringing this release what it seems small but is big 🙂

It brings the possibility to add ALL the ADIF fields in the near future to the main user interface, something that was not possible up to now.

For this release we have included just the SOTA_REF, MY_SOTA_REF, MY_RIG, MY_ANTENNA and AGE but most of the still not in the main interface ADIF fields wil be added soon.

However the Changelog brings more things:

June - 1.6
- Optimization: Isolated the QSO tab to an independent widget.
- Bugfix: When starting KLog for the first time, it crashed.
- Bugfix: Hamlib was not properly started on KLog start (closes #126) (TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: SAT_MODE was being added to non SAT QSOs.
- Bugfix: DXCC status was not being properly updated.
- Improvement: Added user selectable ADIF fields in the Other and My Data tabs. (Closes #4)
- Improvement: Enhanced how the UDP server is started on KLog start.
- Improvement: Added some basic SQL Injection protection to the UI. (Closes #95)
- Improvement: UI data is saved before entering the Setup and restored after setup is done. (Closes #188)
- Improvement: Only one instance of KLog is allowed to run simultaneously. (Closes #250) (TNX foldynl)
- Commented some Flawfinder false positives.
- Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Czech (TNX OK1MLG), Italian (TNX IU5HIU) & Spanish (EA4K).

You can download KLog from:


Don’t forget to join the Telegram groups or the Mailing list to receive the latest information!

I hope you enjoy KLog!

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New mailing list created

Some weeks ago Savannah.gnu.org decided to remove the full KLog project.

I lost some information like the mailing lists.

The main lost was not the archive, as the KLog mailing list was old but not very active but the trust I had in the savannah.gnu.org support to free software as it is not the case… anyway…

I have created a list on Groups.io for KLog.

You can find all the info here:

Mailing lists


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KLog 1.5.3 – Now in Czech language!

KLog has learned a  new language!

Now it is time for the Czech language.

I  addition to the new language there are several bugs that have been fixed so the Changelog looks like this:

May 2021 – 1.5.3
– Bugfix: Fixes the DataBase update process to add the Q65 mode.
– Bugfix: Unexpected Setup dialog behavior. (Closes issue #178) (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: Time is not in UTC when “Log in real time” is uncheck. (Closes issue #179) (TNX foldynl) – Bugfix: Missing translation in SoftwareUpdateDialog. (Closes issue #180) (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: Inconsistency text in Tip#2. (Closes issue #182) (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: Missing Translation string in SetupPageMisc::createUI. (Closes issue #185) (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: When LoTW service was no enabled, KLog insisted to show the QSOs to be exported.
– Bugfix: Setup->Satellites did not show a correct Short name. (Closes issue #192) (TNX foldynl) – Bugfix: Removal DX Cluster unexpected disconnection. (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: Tip #21 was not shown. (Closes issue #184) (TNX foldynl) – Bugfix: TQSL was not properly found on macOS. (Closes issue #195) (TNX K0JM)
– Enhancement: Improved the readability of the DX Cluster window. (TNX foldynl)
– Updated the KLog tips.
– Translation: Czech (TNX OK1MLG), Spanish.

Download KLog:


hope you enjoy KLog!

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KLog 1.5.2 – Minor bugfix to detect calls properly

Today I was warned that some calls were not properly detected as valid.

A look gave quickly the answer and I could fix and release 1.5.2.

The Changelog says:

May 2021 - 1.5.2
Bugfix: Complex calls like K/EA4K/P were identified as wrong calls. (Closes issue #177) (TNX PA3FNT)

Thank you and enjoy KLog!

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KLog 1.5.1 – When KLog left Savannah

The last month has been the month when KLog left Savannah after being hosted for many years.
It’s been a weird story of a possible misunderstanding, an over reaction and the ego of a Savannah admin that was not able to recover from a complain…

It was really amazing that an admin of the Savannah GNU decided to delete the full KLog project and they were not supported even for a proper leave. They removed everything, including the sources, packages, mailing lists… everything! :-\

It’s been shown that https://savannah.nongnu.org/ is not a proper partner for free software as it is not reliable and hosting your project there is a risk for its availability as it depends on an admin personal decision.

Anyway, KLog is no longer hosted in Savannah, We still don’t have a mailing list but we do have the Telegram groups.

KLog 1.5.1 fixes some bugs and removes Savannah from the repository list to GitHub where KLog is happily hosted since a couple of months.

This is the changelog.

April 2021 – 1.5.1

  • Added the GitHub repository to find new releases due to the issue with savannah.nongnu.org
  • New feature: F4 toggles the real time status (on/off).
  • Improvements on call identification management on user input.
  • Bugfix: Editing removes QTH and name (Closes issue #113)
  • Bugfix: Some complex calls (i.e. F/EA4K) were causing a crash unders some conditions.
  • Bugfix: DX Entity of some complex calls where not properly identified. (Closes issue #8).

You can download this release here:

I hope you enjoy KLog!

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KLog 1.5 – Bugfixes, optimizations and new features

After a long time, it is time for a new release.

Check the changelog, there are many new things!

March 2021 - 1.5
- Added the 8M & 5M bands.
- New feature: Added "Adif file deletion" checkbox. User can choose to show or not the message boxes after uploading QSOs.
- New feature: New function added to fill automatically the satMode field in satellites Tab depending on upload/download frequencies.
- UI: Added EA5WA as Author. :-)
- New feature: LoTW confirmation is also counted for DXCC & WAZ.
- New feature: DUPES are now identified when coming from WSJTX, ADIF logs, LoTW logs or simply adding a QSO.
- New feature: Added a time period to consider a QSO as DUPE if call, band & mode are also the same. (Closes issue#41)
- Improvement: Hamlib now supports network communication (TNX DG1VS)
- Improvement: Optimized the way DXCC & WAZ are managed.
- Improvement: KLog receives the clear messages from WSJTX and is able to clear the KLog UI.
- Statistics: Added the Grids on Satellites statistics.
- Statistics: Added the DXCC on Satellites statistics.
- UI: Removed the QComboBox of the Setup Log tab to select the log. (TNX G4MKT)
- UI: Added the QSO per log in the logs setup.
- UI: Added a checkbox to keep the Propagation mode, if needed. Propagation mode is also linked to the Satellite tab. (TNX EA5WA)
- UI: Added a Help->Online Manual menu or push F1 to go to the Online Manual (Closes issue #52)
- Bugfix: Improved the way the QSOs come from WSJT-X. (EA5WA)
- Bugfix: Double clicking on a call, while searching made the search to be redefined to that call and the previous search was lost.
- Bugfix: Satellite stats where not properly calculated. (TNX EA5WA)
- Bugfix: Identifying some bands was not properly done due to the names being in lower case.
- Bugfix: When importing an ADIF and asking for a default station callsign, it was only used for the first QSO, leaving the rest without a station callsign.
- Bugfix: Stats widget where not being properly created.
- Bugfix: The Log combobox on the Statistics was not working. (TNX EA5WA)
- Bugfix: End date tooltip updated on the export widget.(TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: DX Locator tooltip was not OK. (TNX G4MKT)
- Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema) & Spanish (EA4K).

Downloads are not in the usual Savannah repository as it is taking time for Savannah to decide if we can keep or not so packages are only released on Github.

Check the following link to download:


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Where are the downloads?

A couple of days ago I noticed that the KLog files, hosted in Savannah.nongnu.org were not existing anymore…

I am in contact with the Savannah admins to try to recover the repositories but just while the repositories are back or the final decision is to move to another place, the latest release is here:


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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KLog 1.4.7

It was already a couple of days ago but I forgot to publish that KLog 1.4.7 was released.

The changelog includes:

January 2021 - 1.4.7
- Added the Q65 mode.
- eQSL sent is added as Q when received from WSJT-X (github issue #45)
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KLog 1.4.6 Improving WSJT-X integration

I am releasing today KLog 1.4.6.

It is a very special release, even if not too big, because the work has not been done by EA4K 🙂

KLog 1.4.6 changes have been coded by EA5WA who is working hard to understand how KLog is done and sending many improvements, comments, testing support to the users and during the last weeks also code! (Congratulations!)

This is the Changelog:

 January 2021 - 1.4.6
 - Bugfix: Improved the way the QSOs come from WSJT-X. (EA5WA)
 - UI: Changed QRZ to Callsign.

We have also changed QRZ to Callsign, something that has been requested by users 🙂

I hope you enjoy KLog and Thank you Juan Carlos for this release!

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