KLog – Satellites, optimization, translations and bugfixes

Today is the day to release KLog!

This is a release including different topics like:

  • a Satellite page update that will show the uplink and downlink automatically and has all the main data used in satellite communications in the same box.
  • Two new languages, Polish and Danish that will bring new users to KLog.
  • Several optimizations to the code that will make KLog to run a faster.

Read the Changelog to see the changes of this version:

January –
– Important Optimization on KLog speed on start and general use.
– New satellite (AO-91) added.
– Added ALL the ADIF 3.0.7 fields (except the _INTL ones).
– New feature: New menus to export ADIF files for LoTW and manage LoTW status.
– GUI: Implemented an error reporting for the users for main errors
– GUI: When a satellite is selected the main bands are automatically proposed.
– GUI: QSO band is now linked to the uplink & downlink bands in the satellite tab.
– Bugfix: Some ADIF fields were not properly imported/exported.
– Bugfix: When searching calls like 1A0XX, 2E0XX, … no results were found but there are with 3D0XXX
– Bugfix: If an empty log was selected on config file, on next KLog start KLog crashed.
– Bugfix: Doubleclicking on the log to edit was sometimes causing the band/mode data to be shown as a number instead of the human readable name.
– Bugfix: Windows version did not detected the DB movement correctly.
– New translation: Polish by LA7RRA (Thank you!).
– New translation: Danish by Joe (Thank you!).
– Updated translations: Croatian (TNX M0NKC), Italian (TNX IU5HIU), Spanish (EA4TV)
– Several internal updates.

Thank you to the contributors of this version: LA7RRA, Joe, M0NKC and IU5HIU!

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