KLog 0.9.5 – Statistics and satelite data updates

It is time for KLog-0.9.5 release.

Several people have collaborated in this relase, from translators to testers, to people doing sugestions or working on the new sats.dat file. Thank you all!

KLog 0.9.5 brings two new interesting features and two new languages:

    • Statistics of your log (that you can use in the Tools->Stats menu).
    • Satellite data Update (Tools->Update Satellite Data). With this you will be able to update the satellites data when there is a new satellite inthe sky or we have detected an error in the current data. I will post here the new new sats.dat file releases. (TNX KB2YSI!).
    • French and German!

The Changelong shows the following:

October 2018 – 0.9.5

  • Added a dot at the end of all the tooltips.
  • Updated the Satellite database (TNX KB2YSI).
  • Some queries optimized.
  • Bugfix: You can nor close the About KLog window from any tag (TNX F4HWL).
  • New feature: KLog shows some statistics of your log: Tools->Stats
  • New feature: It is now possible to update the satellite data reading a sats.dat file: Tools->Update Satellite Data.
  • Satellites file (sats.dat) updated to september 2018 (TNX KB2YSI).
  • New translations: French (TNX F4HWL) and German (TNX Burkhard).
  • Updated translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Croatian (TNX M0NKC), Danish (TNX Joe), Finnish (TNX Kristjan), Spanish (EA4TV).

I hope you enjoy KLog!

(Don’t forget to join the KLog Telegram group to discuss on KLog!)

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