KLog 1.5.3 – Now in Czech language!

KLog has learned a  new language!

Now it is time for the Czech language.

I  addition to the new language there are several bugs that have been fixed so the Changelog looks like this:

May 2021 – 1.5.3
– Bugfix: Fixes the DataBase update process to add the Q65 mode.
– Bugfix: Unexpected Setup dialog behavior. (Closes issue #178) (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: Time is not in UTC when “Log in real time” is uncheck. (Closes issue #179) (TNX foldynl) – Bugfix: Missing translation in SoftwareUpdateDialog. (Closes issue #180) (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: Inconsistency text in Tip#2. (Closes issue #182) (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: Missing Translation string in SetupPageMisc::createUI. (Closes issue #185) (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: When LoTW service was no enabled, KLog insisted to show the QSOs to be exported.
– Bugfix: Setup->Satellites did not show a correct Short name. (Closes issue #192) (TNX foldynl) – Bugfix: Removal DX Cluster unexpected disconnection. (TNX foldynl)
– Bugfix: Tip #21 was not shown. (Closes issue #184) (TNX foldynl) – Bugfix: TQSL was not properly found on macOS. (Closes issue #195) (TNX K0JM)
– Enhancement: Improved the readability of the DX Cluster window. (TNX foldynl)
– Updated the KLog tips.
– Translation: Czech (TNX OK1MLG), Spanish.

Download KLog:


hope you enjoy KLog!

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