KLog is in GitHub

From time to time some people ask me to push my code to GitHub.

I must admit that I am confortable having KLog in the Savannah SVN. It works without any error, not a single problem since I started to use it many years ago, I also have some automations built at home, in my development environment… I though that it made no sense to migrate to GitHub.

Some days ago I decided to move my code to GitHub, I will probably keep Savannah and GitHub repositories until (hopefully) I finally get the same feeling with GitHub than Savannah.

I am doing this with the hope that some of you will be contributing to KLog easily if it is in GitHub and maybe KLog improves 🙂

If KLog development is mainly mine, it makes no sense to move to GitHub.

Anyway, you can find two repositories:

https://github.com/ea4k/klog This repository hosts the code of KLog.

https://github.com/ea4k/klog-data This repository hosts files that are useful for KLog users or developers.

I hope this changes are useful for KLog!

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