KLog-0.9.9 – Tips and other not visible upgrades!

KLog-0.9.9 comes with the tips that will helo the users by provding tips (in the helo menu) and many other not visible upgrades, bugfixed and minor recomendations and requests from the users tha make KLog more usable!

January – 0.9.9

  • UI: Created a widget to manage the Awards to make KLog more modular.
  • UI: When starting a new version for the first time, the splashscreen is not hidding other messages anymore.
  • UI: Removed some not used File menus (New, Open, Save & Save As).
  • UI: Sorting by date the log is also sorting taking into account the time.
  • New versions are now found depending on the OS, not just for the sources.
  • New feature: Added some tips in the Help menu to help the users to get the most of KLog.
  • Hamlib has now a read-only mode that will read freq & mode from the radio but will never modify/update anything in the radio.
  • Added some debug log option.
  • Some code cleaning with cppcheck and compilation warnings removed.
  • UI: Added a WSJT-X like color schema.
  • Bugfix: KLog was crashing if the call was completely removed in the Setup.
  • BugFix: KLog was always logging 59 instead of the real RST. (TNX DB4BIN)
  • BugFix: KLog was changing the mode in the radio from CW-R to CW if hamlib was active. (TNX G4MKT)
  • BugFix: KLog was changing freq in the radio in the starting process if hamlib was active. (TNX G4MKT)
  • Improvement: KLog reads the radio freq/mode when starting. (TNX G4MKT)
  • BugFix: ADIF export function was not exporting the DARC_DOK properly.
  • Bugfix: Closes Debian bug: #948911: FTBFS on mipsel. (TNX Lisandro)
  • BugFix: Editing the log metadata in the setup was not possible.
  • KLog exit process improved.
  • KLog start process improved.
  • DataProxy_SQLite class removed to optimize the code.
  • Other minor improvements.
  • Updated translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), French (F4HWL), Spanish (EA4K).

As I always say, please enjoy KLog and don’t forget to join the KLog telegram group and the KLog mailing list!

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