KLog 1.5 – Bugfixes, optimizations and new features

After a long time, it is time for a new release.

Check the changelog, there are many new things!

March 2021 - 1.5
- Added the 8M & 5M bands.
- New feature: Added "Adif file deletion" checkbox. User can choose to show or not the message boxes after uploading QSOs.
- New feature: New function added to fill automatically the satMode field in satellites Tab depending on upload/download frequencies.
- UI: Added EA5WA as Author. :-)
- New feature: LoTW confirmation is also counted for DXCC & WAZ.
- New feature: DUPES are now identified when coming from WSJTX, ADIF logs, LoTW logs or simply adding a QSO.
- New feature: Added a time period to consider a QSO as DUPE if call, band & mode are also the same. (Closes issue#41)
- Improvement: Hamlib now supports network communication (TNX DG1VS)
- Improvement: Optimized the way DXCC & WAZ are managed.
- Improvement: KLog receives the clear messages from WSJTX and is able to clear the KLog UI.
- Statistics: Added the Grids on Satellites statistics.
- Statistics: Added the DXCC on Satellites statistics.
- UI: Removed the QComboBox of the Setup Log tab to select the log. (TNX G4MKT)
- UI: Added the QSO per log in the logs setup.
- UI: Added a checkbox to keep the Propagation mode, if needed. Propagation mode is also linked to the Satellite tab. (TNX EA5WA)
- UI: Added a Help->Online Manual menu or push F1 to go to the Online Manual (Closes issue #52)
- Bugfix: Improved the way the QSOs come from WSJT-X. (EA5WA)
- Bugfix: Double clicking on a call, while searching made the search to be redefined to that call and the previous search was lost.
- Bugfix: Satellite stats where not properly calculated. (TNX EA5WA)
- Bugfix: Identifying some bands was not properly done due to the names being in lower case.
- Bugfix: When importing an ADIF and asking for a default station callsign, it was only used for the first QSO, leaving the rest without a station callsign.
- Bugfix: Stats widget where not being properly created.
- Bugfix: The Log combobox on the Statistics was not working. (TNX EA5WA)
- Bugfix: End date tooltip updated on the export widget.(TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: DX Locator tooltip was not OK. (TNX G4MKT)
- Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema) & Spanish (EA4K).

Downloads are not in the usual Savannah repository as it is taking time for Savannah to decide if we can keep or not so packages are only released on Github.

Check the following link to download:


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