KLog 1.5.1 – When KLog left Savannah

The last month has been the month when KLog left Savannah after being hosted for many years.
It’s been a weird story of a possible misunderstanding, an over reaction and the ego of a Savannah admin that was not able to recover from a complain…

It was really amazing that an admin of the Savannah GNU decided to delete the full KLog project and they were not supported even for a proper leave. They removed everything, including the sources, packages, mailing lists… everything! :-\

It’s been shown that https://savannah.nongnu.org/ is not a proper partner for free software as it is not reliable and hosting your project there is a risk for its availability as it depends on an admin personal decision.

Anyway, KLog is no longer hosted in Savannah, We still don’t have a mailing list but we do have the Telegram groups.

KLog 1.5.1 fixes some bugs and removes Savannah from the repository list to GitHub where KLog is happily hosted since a couple of months.

This is the changelog.

April 2021 – 1.5.1

  • Added the GitHub repository to find new releases due to the issue with savannah.nongnu.org
  • New feature: F4 toggles the real time status (on/off).
  • Improvements on call identification management on user input.
  • Bugfix: Editing removes QTH and name (Closes issue #113)
  • Bugfix: Some complex calls (i.e. F/EA4K) were causing a crash unders some conditions.
  • Bugfix: DX Entity of some complex calls where not properly identified. (Closes issue #8).

You can download this release here:

I hope you enjoy KLog!

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