KLog 1.8.4 – More bugfixes and a start optimization

Time again for bugfixes… KLog has several known bugfixes and we are using some time to try to correct them all.

I will try not to release KLog 1.9 until I have cleared most of the bugs I have still pending to be fixed.

This time this is the Changelog:

Aug 2021 - 1.8.4
- Bugfix: In some situations callsigns were always shown as to be worked. (Closes #345)
- Bugfix: Double click on DXCC widget was not sending the DXCC QSOs to the search widget.
- Bugfix: Queued LoTW  were not properly selected for upload. (Closes #354) (TNX EA5WA)
- Improvement: KLog start is optimized.

You can download KLog from:


I hope you enjoy KLog!

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