KLog 1.8.7 – Hamlib related bugfixes and others

This new release brings more bugfixes:

Jan 2022 - 1.8.7
- Bugfix: Removed the hamlib test from the KLog start that was causing big delays.
- Bugfix: Serial speed was not saved to config file.
- Bugfix: eQSL Uploads problem solved (Closes #406).
- Bugfix: Connection to the radios were not being done properly (Closes #407) (Closes #379).
- Bugfix: SplitCheckBox was checked when coming from Setup (Closes #377).
- Bugfix: Entering a QRZ cleared the DX Gridsquare if it was previously entered (Closes #357).
- Bugfix: Imported QSOs add the default electronic QSL send info if configured.
- Bugfix: DXCC widget shows last Entity status after modifying a QSO (Closes #412).
- Bugfix: Hamlib is now stopped while editing a QSO (Closes #414).
- Bugfix: Hamlib on serial devices works ok. (Closes #355).
- Bugfix: RST is not changed on mode change when editing. (Closes #423).
- New feature: Added a Manual Mode checkbox to disable quickly hamlib & wsjtx integration.
- New feature: Added "Save" and "Cancel" button when editing a recorded QSO.
- Update: Developers mailing list address changed to klog@groups.io (Closes #421).

You can download KLog from:


Stay safe and I hope you enjoy KLog!

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