KLog-1.9 Maps arrive to KLog

This release brings a really requested feature, a map!

It is alreay possible to see the locators that you have workd or confirmed.

Feb 2022 - 1.9

    - New feature: Map showing locators. (Closes #168)
    - Bugfix: Mark QSL to be sent is not shown if QSL is sent on right click menu in the search widget. (Closes #387).
    - Improvement: Query the radio after leaving manual mode (Closes #416).
    - Improvement: Grids are now sorted on Grid stats for satellites. (Closes #424).
    - Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Italian (TNX IU5HIU), Japanese (TNX JJ1TGT) & Spanish (EA4K).

You can download KLog from:



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I hope you enjoy KLog!

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