KLog 1.8 – Configuring the log view

KLog brings another many times requested feature. The possibility to select the fields to be shown in the Log view as you can see in the manual.

This release brings also some other improvements.

Check the Changelog for the details

Aug 2021 - 1.8
- Bugfix: Some recently added ADIF fields where not properly imported from ADIF.
- Improvement: Code updated to Qt 5.15.2. (Closes #323)
- Improvement: VUCC_GRIDS & MY_VUCC_GRIDS are also managed in the UI. (Closes #319)
- Improvement: LogView fields to be shown can be selected in the prerefences. (Closes #23)
- Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Italian (TNX IU5HIU) & Spanish (EA4K).

You can download KLog from:


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I hope you enjoy KLog!

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