KLog 2.2 – Callsign optimization and bugfix

Here it is! It took longer than expected but here it is KLog 2.2.

Aug 2022 - 2.2
- Bugfix: DL was not properly shown in the DXCC status table (Closes #460) (TNX N6PAZ)
- Bugfix: Clublog QSO status export to file was not properly done.
- Bugfix: Removing first char in the callsign caused a crash. (Closes #455) (TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: Database was not beig properly created in first start.
- Bugfix: Changing the statistic widget crashed KLog. (Closes #484)
- Bugfix: Some prefixes were not properly identified.
- Bugfix: Fixed some database column name typos.
- Improvement: Callsign identification optimized.
- Improvement: The Debug logging has been improved, still much work TBD.
- Improvement: General code cleaning (coveralls.io)
- Improvement: General code cleaning (lgtm.com alerts)
- Improvement Distance is now stored for new QSO added or modified QSOs from the UI. (Closes #459).
- Map back to OSM to recover the map for raspberry & linux
- Translations: Spanish (EA4K).

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I hope you enjoy KLog!

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