KLog-2.2.1 Some crashes fixes

KLog 2.2 came with an big change on how KLog detects prefixes and DXX entities… but unfortunately there are some bugs still pending.

KLog 2.2.1 fixes some of the most important bugs.

Aug 2022 - 2.2.1
- Bugfix: Temporary bugfix for Setup eLog Page preventing crash on start. (Closes #489)
- Bugfix: Temporary quick fix to prevent call validation in some classes that may cause errors. (Opens #490)
- Bugfix: Config for real time for clublog was not properly managed.
- Bugfix: Calls like EA4K/MM were identified like Scotland, not maritime.
- Improvement: Code improvement in the Setup of eLogs.
- Tests: Tests for SetupPageElog added.

You can download KLog from:


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I hope you enjoy KLog!

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