KLog-2.3 – We keep improving KLog

Here it is! It took longer than expected but here it is KLog 2.3.

Oct 2022 - 2.3
- Improvement: Code optimization (TNX JohnS0819)
- Bugfix: Calls like EA4K/P were not identified as EA.
- Bugfix: Adding DXCluster servers was failing. (Closes #492) (TNX EA7IXM)
- Bugfix: When accepting changes on Settings, the settings were being readed twice, causing errors an delays. (Closes #495)
- Bugfix: QSOS with a lotw_qsl_sent status as NULL where not identified when queuing QSOs for LoTW. (closes #514)
- Improvement: Added the modes and propagation modes of ADIF  3.1.3 (Closes #509, #510)
- Improvement UI: Freq & RST labels have been reorganized for clarity.
- Improvement: Windows package updated to hamlib 4.4.
- Improvement: Minor UI changes in the Setup->misc tab.
- Improvement: Showing seconds in the QSO edit can be selected by the user.
- Improvement: LoTW upload process allows the user to select a specific locator to be uploaded to be matched with TQSL locations.
- Improvement: Changed how hamlib is initialized to speed-up the setup widget exit, specially for non-hamlib users.
- Improvement: Some code cleaning.

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