Welcome to the KLog website!

KLog is a multiplatform free hamradio logger, the only one able to run in Linux, Windows and macOS!

KLog is providing QSO management, useful QSL management DX-Cluster client, DXCC management, ClubLog integration, DX-Marathon support and much more!

KLog is today already in several languages: Catalan, Croatian, English, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

You can also see some Screenshots of KLog to see what it looks like.

You can write your own review on the KLog eHam review page

If you want to help us, please visit the Contribute page and find your way to improve KLog!

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New bugfixes for

Last version contains some bugs…

  • One bug that affects only to the Windows version that makes the movement of the DB fails and;
  • One bug that makes doubleclick on the log window to show numbers instead of band and mode.

Both bugs have been fixed in the today’s commit so if you feel brave you can download and compile your own KLog.

No data is lost due to these bugs, however my recommendation is to export your logs frequently, and always before an update, to ADIF to be able to recover them if there is a problem.

There are some other tasks to be done before… so it may take a while before the next release.

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KLog – Use KLog in several computers

KLog has just been released!

There are many things that has been added to KLog in this new release but the main ones are the following:

The last feature allows you to move the KLog DB to any path in your system so you can move it, for example, to a Dropbox folder. That will allow you to backup your log  automagically and also to use the same DB from different computers… but be sure to use the same KLog version in all your computers.

You will also be able to select FT8 as a new mode, Aircraft Scatter as propagation mode and, if you live in the US, the new band limits on 2190M.

We have also worked on some optimizations in the backend, and so on.

A good practice before updating KLog and any other software is to backup up your data so my recommendation is to export all your logs into ADIF files and then install the new KLog version. In the first execution KLog will update the database.

The contributors to this release are:

  • JL3OXR for the Japanese translation
  • JustinBRye for the English review.
  • Simona, IU5HIU for the Italian translation.

Thank you all!

You can find the KLog executables from the KLog download page.

That has been all!

Enjoy KLog and report any bug or suggestion you find!

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KLog speaks Italian!

Hello all,

We must thank Simona, IU5HIU for joining the KLog translation team and creating the Italian translation.

KLog will be supporting Italian since the next release that will be available in a few days.

Thank you Simona!
If you want to translate KLog into your language, visit our Translations page

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